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How to Talk About the Past in Italian Using the Imperfetto

Most Italian learners are a little intimidated by the imperfetto, one of the main past tenses in Italian. The imperfect tense (imperfetto) refers to both distant and recent past occurrences that happened on a regular basis.In this lesson, we will show you how to use the imperfetto tense and will give you some tips to […]

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How to Talk About the Past in Italian: A Guide to the Passato Prossimo

Passato prossimo, imperfetto, passato remoto… Unlike in English, there are many different past tenses in Italian and the difference between them can be tricky. The passato prossimo is the main tense used in Italian to describe an action which has been completed in the near past. In this lesson, we will show you how to use […]

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A Quick Guide to Writing a Formal Letter in Italian

How to Write a Formal Letter in ItalianCiao, piacere, and welcome to your handy guide to writing one of those pesky formal letters in Italian! Writing a formal letter in any language – even your own – can be stressful. Add to that the uncertainty of whether or not your grammar is correct, or if you’re […]

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