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How to Describe a Person in Italian

Buongiorno to all our readers! Today, we’ll be talking about how to describe a person in Italian. People’s differences are something to celebrate – but it does make our lives a little more difficult when learning a foreign language!From physical appearance and personality traits to professions and nationalities, we’ve got you covered. Being able to describe somebody […]

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Strange Italian Superstitions You Probably Don’t Know About

Buongiorno, and welcome back to another Italy-crazy article! What’s the best thing about exploring new cultures? Is it the delicious food? The excitement of being in a new place? The unusual sights, sounds and smells?For us, one of the most intriguing things about travelling to a new place is the difference in culture and tradition. […]

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Numbers in Italian: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome back to another one of our Italian lessons! Today we’re looking at something that seems so simple, but is actually one of the most important aspects of learning a language: nailing your numbers. Whether you’re counting to ten, asking for the time or writing the date, we’ve got you covered!Learning your numbers in Italian […]

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A Quick Guide to Writing a Formal Letter in Italian

How to Write a Formal Letter in ItalianCiao, piacere, and welcome to your handy guide to writing one of those pesky formal letters in Italian! Writing a formal letter in any language – even your own – can be stressful. Add to that the uncertainty of whether or not your grammar is correct, or if you’re […]

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