Polite Italian Expressions


It’s important to show respect when you are speaking Italian. Our list of polite Italian expressions below will help teach you some manners and avoid offending people when interacting with Italians.

polite italian expression

Courtesy Phrases

Some may say that all common courtesy is dead, those people probably don’t speak Italian.

How to say “Please” in Italian

Per favore

It is always good to say please. Keep in mind that nobody wants some foreigner barking orders at them. So please say “Per favore” please.

Vorrei un bicchiere d’acqua per favore.I would like a glass of water please.
Molto bene. Grazie.Very well. Thank you.

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How to say “Thank you” in Italian


I don’t know what is about the word “Grazie”, but it really makes thanking people fun. Grazie Italy, I have never had such a good time expressing basic human kindness.

Ecco il tuo vino.Here is your wine.
Grazie.Thank you.

“By all means, after you” in Italian


“Prego” is a very versatile word. It can mean “You’re welcome”, “Don’t mention it”, “Thank you”, and “By all means, after you”. And here I thought it was just the name of a pasta sauce.

È questo il posto?Is this the place?
Si. Prego.Yes. By all means after you.

“You’re welcome!” in Italian

Non c’e di che

More of a “don’t mention it” type of you’re welcome. It;s always good to show some respect for those respecting you.

Grazie per la cena.Thank you for dinner.
Non c’e di che.You're welcome.

“I’m sorry” in Italian

Mi dispiace

Do not be one of those people that refuse to say “I’m sorry”. You will just upset those around you and make life more difficult for yourself. After all, it takes a lot of strength to say that you are sorry. And I don’t typically use language articles to teach life lessons. I guess I needed to vent, Mi dispiace!

Mi dispiace che le cose siano andate in questo modo.I’m sorry that things turned out this way.
Non c'è niente che tu possa fare.There’s nothing you can do.

“Excuse me” (Formal) in Italian

Mi scusi

Once you start saying “Mi scusi” you will be saying it all the time, regardless of what country you are in. Your friends will roll their eyes whenever you pass them by and exclaim “Mi scusi”. Don’t worry about it, just become fluent and move to Italy. Problem solved.

Mi scusi, parla inglese?Excuse me, do you speak English?
Parlo un po'di inglese.I speak a little bit of English.

“Excuse me, I need some information, please” in Italian

Scusi, un informazione, per favore.

Don’t be afraid to ask people for information. Sometimes when I’m lonely, I’ll ask people for help even when I don’t need it.

Scusi, un informazione, per favore.Excuse me, I need some information, please.
Come posso aiutarti?How may I help you?

“Excuse me, May I come in?” in Italian


For when you don’t want to barge into someone’s house. Or if you are a vampire and need permission to enter. We don’t discriminate here.

Mi scusi, permesso?Excuse me, may I come in?
Prego.Please come in.

“Yes” in Italian


When you don’t know what someone is asking you, just say “Si” and hope for the best.

Vuoi un caffè?Do you want some coffee?
Si, grazie.Yes, please.

“No” in Italian


Don’t be afraid to be blunt with a stern “No”. That way there is no confusion.

Ti amo, vuoi sposarmi?I love you, will you marry me?

“Thank you very much” in Italian

Molte Grazie

Be sure to show your thanks. After all, you’re basically a giant helpless baby wandering the streets crying for help.

Molte Grazie.Thank you very much.
Non c’e di che.Don’t mention it.

“It’s nothing” in Italian

Si figuri!

When you want to enthusiastically tell someone not to mention it, give them a “Si figuri”.

Grazie per la caffèThank you for the coffee.
Si figuri!It’s nothing!

“Can you please repeat?” in Italian

Puo ripetere, per cortesia?

When you don’t understand, but it seems more important than something you can just shrug off with a “Si”.

Domani visitiamo Venezia.We’ll visit Venice tomorrow.
Mi dispiace. Puo ripetere, per cortesia?I’m sorry, can you please repeat?

“To health!” in Italian


“Salute” is a versatile word in Italian. It can be used when talking about your health, when someone sneezes, or as a cheers.

Alla nostra salute e alla nostra amicizia!To our health and to our friendship!

“Happy Birthday!” in Italian

Buon compleanno!

The more friends you make, the more cake you’ll bake. What’s better than a birthday?

Buon compleanno!Happy birthday!
Molte Grazie!Thank you so much!

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“Merry Christmas!” in Italian

Buon Natale!

Christmas time is the best time of the year. Bring some happiness in Italian with this jolly phrase.

Ecco che arriva Babbo Natale!Here comes Santa Claus!
Buon Natale!Merry Christmas!

“Have a nice trip!” in Italian

Buon viaggio

When your friend is going on a vacation, try to suppress your jealousy and tell them to have a nice trip.

Sto per andare in vacanza.I’m going on vacation.
Buon viaggio!Have a nice trip!

“Enjoy your meal!” in Italian 

Buon appetito!

The classic phrase you probably already knew. At least now you know how to spell it.

Sembra delizioso.It looks delicious.
Buon appetito!Enjoy your meal!


That’s our list, thanks for studying with us. Be sure to show the Italian people some manners during your next trip to Italy. After all, It’s nice to be nice to the nice.

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