15 Romantic Phrases to Express Your Love in Italian


If you are studying Italian, you most likely consider yourself a bit of a romantic. Well hold your horses Romeo, you may be able to walk the walk, but can you talk the talk?

Check out our selection of romantic Italian phrases below---from the sweet lines to the sultry ones, take your pick. Just try not to get too excited, we would like to finish first for once.

romantic italian expressions  vocabulary list

Short-but-sweet romantic Italian phrases

It only takes a few words at the right time to sweep someone off their feet.

“Forever yours” in Italian

Per sempre tua

Nothing sounds more romantic than telling someone that you are forever theirs. A great line to add to the end of your gawky love letters, or when bound by a code of chivalry.

Per sempre tua.Forever yours.
Sei cosi seducente.You are very seductive.

“Together forever” in Italian

Per sempre insieme

What better way to woo that overly attached someone? After all, this is all they want to hear. That’s why they keep whispering it in your ear while you sleep. 

Per sempre insieme.Forever together.
Amore ti amo.I love you my love.

“Crazy for you” in Italian

Pazza di te

Love makes us act like a fool. There has never been a more suiting phrase to express how you feel.

Amore mio, lo sono pazza di te.My love, I’m crazy for you.
Non posso vivere senza di teI can’t live without you.

“You’re beautiful” in Italian

Sei bellissima

Simple yet effective, when used appropriately. Just don’t be that guy telling every woman on the bus that they are beautiful. For the ladies, change it to “bellissimo” and you are fine to compliment as many strange men as you would like. Lucky.

Sei bellissima.You’re beautiful.
Sono dipendente dei tuoi baciI am addicted to your kisses.

“My beloved” in Italian

Amore mio

A great way to address that special someone in your life. Make sure to use this phrase repeatedly until the words lose all meaning.

Amore mio.My beloved.
Ti amerò per sempre I will love you forever.

Advanced Italian romantic phrases

Let’s take things a base further. I hope we’re not moving too fast.

“You are always in my heart” in Italian

Sei sempre nel mio cuore

When you really want to lather on those compliments, this is the phrase you are looking for.

Sei sempre nel mio cuoreYou are always in my heart.
Mi vuoi sposare?Will you marry me?

“We’re made for each other” in Italian

Siamo fatti l’uno all’atra

When you have finally found your better half, these are the words they are longing to hear. Also, the phrase your partner tells friends at dinner parties while you nervously laugh and avert eye contact.

Siamo fatti l’uno all’atra.We’re made for each other.
Vuoi essere la mia ragazza?Will you be my girlfriend?

“You are more beautiful than an angel” in Italian

Sei piu bella di un angelo

Somehow in Italian, lines like these work. So don’t worry so much about finding the right words. Let the language do the work.

Sei piu bella di un angeloYou are more beautiful than an angel.
Mi sono innamorata di teI have fallen in love with you.

“Your smile is the sunshine of my life” in Italian

Il tuo sorriso e’il sole della mia vita

No matter how uncomfortable it may sound in English, you know that it would probably work in Italian. At least with non native speakers.

Il tuo sorriso e’il sole della mia vita.Your smile is the sunshine of my life.
Tesoro mio, Dammi un bacio.My darling, give me a kiss.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you” in Italian

Voglio passare il resto della mia

This is what you say when things are getting serious and you are thinking about marriage. If you are actually intending to use this phrase, we wish you the best and expect an invitation to the wedding.

Voglio passare il resto della mia.I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Tesoro, Mi vuoi sposare?Honey, will you marry me?

Expressing love in Italian (in a hot way)

We are about to go all the way. We’re not pushing though, we can take things slow if you want. There’s no rush baby. Would you like a massage?

“Let’s make love” in Italian

Facciamo l'amore

When you have an unbelievable amount of confidence, or are feeling a bit hot and looking to get a drink thrown in your face, this phrase will get the job done.

Facciamo l'amoreLet’s make love.
Il tuo corpo è bellissimoYour body is hot.

“You are very seductive” in Italian

Sei cosi seducente

Let that smooth talker know that you are on to them, but still interested.

Sei cosi seducente.You are very seductive.
Voglio farlo sul letto della tua matrigna.I want to take you on your stepmother’s bed.

“You turn me on” in Italian

Mi fai eccitare

Straight to the point. Don’t be ashamed to be honest.

Mi fai eccitare.You turn me on.
Ti penso sempre.I’m always thinking about you.

“I want to do it” in Italian

Voglio farlo

Why must we always dance around things? Let’s just say what's on our minds.

Sei bellissimaYou are beautiful.
Voglio farlo.I want to do it.

“I want to f*ck” in Italian

Voglio scopare

For the daring and reckless, or the old and comfortable. Either way, there are people out there into both.

Che cosa desideri?What is your desire?
Voglio scopareI want to f*ck.

And that’s all we got. We hope you are feeling satisfied. If not, we could always go for another round. We’ll be here anytime, so don’t be a stranger.

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