Best Resources to Learn Italian in Videos


Want to become a boss in Italian without a single book? It’s possible. Funny, concrete and fast, it’s even one of the best way to immerse yourself in Italian culture.

The diversity of videos at your disposal will allow you to vary the exercises and stay motivated.

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced learners, we have some amazing stuff for ALL of you!

Best Resources to Learn Italian in Videos

1. YouTubers Are Your Best Friends

YouTube is accessible on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can even save some videos to watch them without an internet connection. YouTubers are proficient and they give you good tips to learn and remember the language. Here is a selection of the best channels:

italy made easy

Who is he? Manu Venditti, a doctor in translation from Italy.

What we like about him: He is the most joyful guy out there to teach you Italian. He will make you love learning.

Level: From Beginners to Advanced levels.

Duration: From 2 to 30 minutes, you’re free to choose.

Where to find it: On his YouTube channel or on his website Italy Made Easy.

learn italian lucrezia

Who is she? Lucrezia is an Italian tutor.

What we like about her: She has been running her channel for years and her videos cover a large range of subjects.

Level: Every level.

Duration: From 1 to 20 minutes.

Where to find it: On her YouTube channel Learn Italian With Lucrezia.

weila tom

Who is he? Tom teaches English and Italian.

What we like about him? His channel is easygoing – learn and like it.  He makes very interesting stuff for beginners, for example, his listening videos come in different speeds.

Level: For Beginners and Intermediate learners.

Duration: From 1 minute to 1 hour.

Where to find it: On his YouTube Channel Weilà Tom.

dolce vita

Who are they? Luca and Marina are two Italians, funny and passionate.

What we like about them: They don’t just teach you the language, they also tell you about Italian culture and… IT’S FUN!

Level: Recommended for everyone.

Duration: From 1 to 15 minutes.

Where to find it: On their YouTube channel Dolce Vita.

rafael sozzi

Who is he? Rafael Sozzi is an Italian teacher.

What we like about him: His lessons are all in Italian but he makes it easy to understand.

Level: ForIntermediate learners.

Duration: From 3 to 15 minutes.

Where to find it?: On his YouTube channel Rafael Sozzi.

Who is she? Fiorella Atzori is a YouTuber and also a writer.

What we like about her: She offers something different for those who want to improve to the next stage.

Level: For Intermediate and Advanced learners.

Duration: From 2 to 10 minutes.

Where to find it: On her YouTube channel Sgrammaticando.

2. Explorers, Meet These Bloggers!

Stefano Tiozzo

Who is he? Stefano Tiozzo is a travel photographer.

What we like about him: He doesn’t teaching Italian, but it is nice to watch this blogger to improve your skills, because, yes... he can speak Italian quite fast.

Level: For advanced learners.

Duration: From 2 to 40 minutes.

Where to find it?: On his YouTube channel Stefano Tiozzo or on his website Stefano Tiozzo.
rudy bandiera

Who is he? Rudy Bandiera is a speaker and a blogger.

What we like about him: Hehas a nice channel in which he deals with a lot of different subjects. He loves life and people, but what he prefers most is to talk about it. He even gave a speech at TED. Talks in Italian.

Level: From Intermediate to Advanced learners.

Duration: From 1 to 10 minutes.

Where to find it?: On his YouTube channel Rudy Bandiera or on his website Rudy Bandiera.

3. Websites Rhyme with Delights

If you prefer something more traditional, here are some websites to learn Italian with videos. No, we promise, not one of those where you need to repeat “Ciaò” six times before moving on to the next level. These are with real content, to learn quickly in a minimum of time.

free university italian

via Pixabay

What is it: EDX offers free online courses.

What we like about it: You only need to pay if you want to get a certificate at the end of your course. This is not mostly videos here, that’s true, videos are just here to support the written course, but this is so much a pleasure!

Level: They offer classes for Beginners and Intermediate levels.

Duration: There’s no minimum or maximum time, you do it when you want.

Where to find it?: On the website EDX.

italian pod 101

via Pixabay

What is it? Italian Pod 101 is a free website to learn Italian on.

What we like about it: It is fun and they have a large range of videos.

Level: For every level.

Duration: Each video is around 2 minutes.

Where to find it?: On the Italian Pod 101 website.
mit open course ware

via Pixabay

What is it? Mit Open Course Ware is a website made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

What we like about it:  Learning Italian while learning how to cook, you dreamed of it? Paola made it for you!

Level: From Beginners to Intermediate learners.

Duration: Around 20 minutes for a lesson.

Where to find it?: On the Mit Open Course Ware website.

4. Let Passionate People Passionate You

tel talks

via Pixabay

What is it? The passion of words, the art of speech, learn with those who make you discover the world. For those who do not know it yet, in a nutshell, the slogan of Ted Talks is "Ideas worth spreading".

What we like about it: There are plenty of conferences available in Italian, Ted Talks is love, life and knowledge, all subtitled (in Italian and English).

Level: Recommended for everyone.

Duration: Around 20 minutes.

Where to find it: On the Ted Talks website.

5. Did You Say Italian Culture?

opera italian

via Pixabay

Learning a language is, above all,discovering a culture and in the wonders of Italy: the opera. Wait. What? You find opera boring? It is not! Opera is trendy and delightful. Operas are something else. You think we are going on a little too much about it? Do you like bullet lists? Follow this one, step by step,and dare to tell us that we are mistaken.

italian opera edx
  • Now you’re ready to receive the greatest of operas.Go on YouTube and open Classical Melodies, you will find some amazing operas with English and Italian subtitles.
classical italian
italian oepra

6. Let’s Talk about the New God.

What is it? Netflix is a platform to watch movies, documentaries and series.

What we like about it:  Many studies prove the benefits of movies to learn languages, and Netflix has more documentaries, movies and series in Italian than you can ever watch. You can change your settings and add Italian language, you will then have access to all the subtitles and relevant programmess more easily.

Level: For every level.

Duration: Depends on the program you choose.

Where to find it: On the Netflix website.

7. Want to Become a Real Italian Dude?

Netflix not your thing? Prefer good old Italian TV? You are right! A dumping at the heart of Italy awaits you. And because we are nice, we made you a list of types of programs Andiamo!

                                                   Italian TV                 

8. Not Sure What to Watch? Trust Her!

Who is she? She is in love with Italy, and she is in love with movies.  Being generous, she tells us everything on her blog.

What we like about her: Sometimes we get lost and don’t know which movies to choose. Her blog helps to discover and understand Italian cinema. It reflects her passion, and we want to watch everything she likes.

Where to find it?: Go on I Love Italian Movies.

9. A Virtual Library for Subtitles

italian subtitle

via Pixabay

What is it? Italian Subs is a website where you can find Italian subtitles.

What we like about it: Sometimes we plan to watch a movie but we can’t find the subtitles for it. Italian Subs has a great collection and you are pretty sure to find what you need.

Where to find it?: On the Italian Subs website.

10. The Cherry on the Cake

italian website

Okay, you are getting a little tired of watching videos? Yes, it happens. Become an actor, create your own video. Huh? What's that about? Many sites are made so you can have Italian lessons face to face with a native teacher on Skype.

Some sites even offer a free lesson to discover the concept. Here are the best we found:

Videos offer a wide variety of themes and formats. From 2 minutes to many hours, everyone is free to choose the option that suits him or her. A perfect way to discover this beautiful Italian world.

Ciao a tutti!

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