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  • Italian Short Stories for Beginners Vol 1

Italian Short Stories for Beginners Vol 1

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  • 10 entertaining stories about everyday themes written using a wide range of vocabulary and diverse grammar structures.
  • A total of 1,000 new Italian vocabulary items including some colloquial terms spoken in everyday Italian conversations.
  • Learning aids and extra features to boost your comprehension: questions at the end of each chapter and short summary to check for understanding.
  • Free audio in Italian and English to improve your listening skills.
  • 2 formats available: PDF, EPUB.

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Short Stories to Learn Italian

Reading is the key to improving your comprehension skills, and helps you formulate better sentences.

But when you’re still a beginner or intermediate-level learner, it can be difficult to find proper materials to practice reading. You will also need to consult a dictionary while you’re reading, and without an audio accompaniment, you will find it difficult to learn new words and how they’re pronounced by native speakers.

An Effective Way to Improve Your Italian Reading and Listening Comprehension Skills

For new Italian-learners, reading and listening to short stories can be a fun and painless way to learn Italian. Short stories will introduce you to new vocabulary and sentence structures, while the accompanying audio material will help you with listening comprehension.

Through learning in this way, you will be able to:

  • Improve your Italian without the monotonous chore of memorizing grammar rules.
  • Learn new vocabulary that you can immediately put to use in everyday life.
  • Practice your listening skills by listening to a native Italian-speaker narrating the stories.

Enjoyable stories

Varied vocabulary and sentence structures

Audio for listening practice

Learn Italian with 10 Fun Stories with Everyday Themes

This ebook makes use of simple yet entertaining stories to help you learn Italian. By covering a diverse range of grammar structures and vocabulary, and supplementing it with audio, you can improve your reading and writing skills, and even practice your listening and pronunciation.

  • 10 entertaining stories about everyday themes: short enough to hold your attention (1,500 words in length), but long enough to make you feel a sense of accomplishment and progress after finishing each one.
  • A total of 1,000 new Italian vocabulary items, including some colloquial terms spoken in everyday Italian conversations.
  • Free audio to improve your listening skills in Italian and English.

No Dictionary Necessary

The ebook comes with a Italian and English glossary within the stories themselves, so there will be no need for a dictionary to help you with words you don’t understand. No need to go back and forth to translate or look up words you don’t understand.

Improve Your Listening Skills in Italian

With the help of the free audio, you can give your listening skills a boost as well as practice your pronunciation. Recorded by a professional voice talent from Italy, the stories are narrated using a standard Italian accent and slightly slower speed than how actual Italian people speak.

This will allow beginners and low-intermediate learners to grasp the narration properly. Extra care has also been given to the recording of the audio to ensure a pleasurable listening experience for learners.

Boost Your Comprehension with Useful Learning Aids and Extra Features

In addition to the audio material provided, you will find:

  • Questions at the end of each chapter: to promote comprehension.
  • A summary of the story: after each chapter, you are encouraged to write a short summary of the story, and you can compare it to the provided summary, to check for understanding.

Learn Useful Vocabulary for Everyday Situations

This e-book contains a total of eleven short stories that revolve around the following daily themes: movies and cinema, ordering in a restaurant, family, crime and police, daily routine, physical descriptions, vacations and holidays, and more!

The stories are written using a wide range of vocabulary and diverse grammar structures. The carefully selected combination of dialogue and descriptions is especially suited for beginner to low-intermediate learners.

Is This E-Book for You?

 If you are any of the following, this is for you:

  • A beginner or intermediate learner who’s looking for a fun way to learn Italian.
  • Fond of reading short stories.
  • Looking for an e-book with audio that you can listen to everywhere.

Technical Details:

  • 1,000 words and expressions in Italian, translated into English
  • MP3 (90 minutes in total)
  • Total length of the stories: 15,000 words (equivalent to a 60-page book)

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So, whether you are learning Italian for business or for pleasure, thanks to this ebook, you can now immediately put to use what you have learned and sound more natural in Italian.

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Ready to start learning Italian? Grab your copy and get started today!

1 review for Italian Short Stories for Beginners Vol 1

  1. Alexis Soule

    Helpful for beginners

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