Abigail Prowse

Abi is an Italian translator and editor from the UK. Currently living in Lisbon, she loves anything to do with books and travelling. You can also check out her work at https://www.abitranslates.com/


Articles by Abigail Prowse

Buongiorno to all our readers! Today, we’ll be talking about how to describe a person in

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How to Describe a Person in Italian

Buongiorno, and welcome back to another Italy-crazy article! What’s the best thing about exploring new

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Strange Italian Superstitions You Probably Don’t Know About

Welcome back to another one of our Italian lessons! Today we’re looking at something that

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Numbers in Italian: Everything You Need to Know

How to Write a Formal Letter in ItalianCiao, piacere, and welcome to your handy guide

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A Quick Guide to Writing a Formal Letter in Italian

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